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        Insect Bites

About Insect Bites

Bug bites are fairly common. Some bites, such as one from a fire ant or a sting from a bee, cause immediate discomfort. Others trigger itching or go unnoticed. Bug bites or stings are seldom dangerous, but in some cases they can lead to a life-threatening allergic reaction, severe symptoms, or a serious medical condition, such as malaria or Lyme disease. Check with Strong TeleMed to get the latest comprehensive medical advice on the best way to treat your bug bites, what they look like, how to treat them, and much more.

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How We Treat You

  • A Doctor On Demand video visit gives you the full attention of a board-certified doctor without having to leave the comfort of your home.

  • You will receive a physical examination that is customized and focused to your specific complaint.

  • Your doctor will guide you through looking, listening and feeling to complete a thorough assessment.

  • If you have a thermometer, blood pressure cuff, heart rate monitor or have any medical applications on your mobile device please have them ready. This information will help the doctor make a diagnosis and treat your condition safely and effectively.

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